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5 Virtues To Take With You Into The Year 2018

2017 has been a great year, hasn’t it?

From new year to work and resumption of school to Easter to orientation camp to PPA to various public holidays, outings and right down to our own very Christmas going down now to the end of the year and finally spiraling into another new year. This is the blog’s first Christmas and soon-to-be new year and I’m also very excited because this is my first post on the new blog (!!!.

There’s really a lot to be grateful for!!!

I’m very thankful to all my blog readers, fellow bloggers and writers and my blogging community.

You are highly valued!

Without you, blogging wouldn’t just have been possible.



So, today, I’ll be letting you know about 5 virtues that you shouldn’t leave behind in 2017 and that will pave way for you in 2018.

They are:

  1. Humility: It’s key in whatever you do whether you are in a leadership position or not and remember that pride goes before a fall.


  1. Obedience: It may seem hard on some occasions but once you are not to go and do some evil stuffs or anything that may harm you or others, it would be best to obey (obey like a corps member). You can read more about obedience under my Nysc chronicles here.


  1. Patience: It’s very important because you’ll find another variety of people different from what you met in 2017, so, patience must be available to understand them and treat them accordingly with maturity.


  1. Love: This must just be present in your day to day dealings with people. It really can’t be neglected.



  1. Persistence/consistency: If you want success, persistence and consistency should be your watch word because without them, you’ll slack. Everybody that is seen having so much money and being so “successful” has worked tirelessly for what he/she is getting. It did not happen over night.


Here are also 5 things to do better this year.

This list will help you through out, not just 2018, but throughout your life!

  1. Mind the friends/association you keep (evil communication corrupts good manners (1 Corinthians 15:33) and remember that 20 children cannot play together for 20 years).


  1. Mind the books you read. They affect how you see life and how you behave (how you treat yourself and others). There are only 2 things that will determine the difference between who you are now and who you will be in 5 years time. They are: the books you read and the friends you keep.


  1. Mind the movies you watch, the gist(discussions) you listen to and engage in. Memories of them are stored in your unconscious and tend to play out soon enough with or without your knowing and if you are not careful and conscious, you may find yourself battling with suicidal thoughts or some other silly stuff.


  1. Filter your thoughts too. Think of mainly positive things and try not worry unnecesarily or panic. It doesn’t really solve matters. Instead of worrying, share your problem with a friend or family member and you just could get an answer quite easily.


  1. And last but not the least, reduce your use of social media. Being off social media does not kill. You can use the time of to read a book, plan for the next day, next week, plan for an even, do critical thinking or even pray but you definitely don’t have to be online 24/7, even if you try, you’ll get bored of social media, trust me. Nothing is really as urgent as it looks. I recently found that out recently when I was ill on Christmas day and could not use any social media platform and trust me, all those numerous messages had to wait. So, in as much as you love social media, you can also reduce the number of hours spent on it.


Have a great day and cheers till my next post!


32 thoughts on “5 Virtues To Take With You Into The Year 2018

    1. Social media is very good especially to promote businesses but there comes a time when it just becomes too much. For example, doing it 24/7 is definitely too much. There should be a time frame which could end around 11pm and begin around 6am. It just shouldn’t be 24/7 because if a person were to be ill, would you still be on social media? No. So,in as much as you want to connect with friends,family, business and blogging community(which is good), the time spent on it should be reduced.
      That’s just my point!
      I hope you understand!

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