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7 Benefits of Coconut Oil That You Never Knew

Coconut oil is a gift from nature. In the past few years, people discovered many benefits of coconut oil and the benefits were without limit. There so many unbelievable benefits not only for your health bit as a whole.

This wonder oil will definitely rock your world!


Some of these benefits are:

  1. Weight Loss:

Many women know about the oil because it is the needed ingredient for their weight loss. It is proved that a single portion of coconut oil decreases the consumption of food and increases the weight loss in the body. You can put it in your coffee in the morning and you’ll soon enough see the results.

This is probably the answer to the healthy weight loss that we have longed for.



  1. Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

Yes, you heard me well!

This magical oil helps in preventing this awful disease by creating insulin to process glucose and power brain cells. Which is exactly what is needed in the brain of a person who suffers from Alzheimer.


  1. Makes Your Skin and Hair Healthier

That’s how I learnt how to do the magical coconut oil. I needed to revive my skin and my hair. After a research I made, I heard about the oil. I prepared a mask with baking soda and coconut oil and I started using it on my face. I used it three times a week. I was amazed by the effect!

Finally, my skin was healthy and glowing again! Coconut oil is also perfect for damaged hair.

The fatty acids in the oil can protect and revive your hair!


  1. Improves Your Digestion

Well, this aids better digestion. As I mentioned above, you can put a spoon full of coconut oil in your morning coffee. This oil is also a great help in destroying bacteria and repairing your gut/stomach health. Many women have digestion problems and a research shows that coconut oil is the perfect decision for fighting these awful digestion problems.





  1. Increases The Oral Health

I had many problems with my teeth back in time. I am also an addicted coffee drinker so that was the magic ingredient for a whiter teeth and smile. I used the same recipe I mentioned above with coconut oil and baking soda to whiten my teeth. I just used this homemade toothpaste once a day and I saw the results after two weeks.

It was unbelievable!

Coconut oil is perfect for fighting the bacteria in your mouth. It also helps to fight periodontal/gum disease.


  1. Repairs Your Lips

Yes, you can use it like a lip balm to repair your chapped/dry lips. The minerals in this gorgeous oil add moisture which is perfect to fight your dry lips. Use it for a week and you ready to give many pecks and kisses!


  1. Fights and Prevents Cancer

This is one of the greatest benefits!

When you consume coconut oil, the body produces ketones, which contain energy. This helps cancer patients recover.

The coconut oil also fights bacteria, which is known to be the reason for stomach cancer.

This is really impressive!


Coconut oil is a magical oil for me! I use it every day even in the kitchen for cooking. The many positive effects by this oil can absolutely change your life and make it healthier in many directions!

Don’t sit and just read!

Get off the couch, go to the store, buy it and start improving your life in all the different areas you need to!

You will be amazed and impressed!

Take action and finally improve your life today!



This is a guest post written by Monica Vaklinova

She’s a lifestyle, travel and health blogger and the blogger behind the Monica Vaklinova blog. Her posts are usually very informative and will keep you glued!

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I hope you had a great read!!!

Cheers till my next post!!!


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68 thoughts on “7 Benefits of Coconut Oil That You Never Knew

  1. This is an exceptional post and is so beautiful that we can get enough use from coconut 🥥. As for me , I love the smell of coconut 🌴 and all my hair and body products have coconut smell , it makes me feel so lush .

  2. We Indians can not imagine life without coconut oil. Since childhood my mother has included the habit of using coconut oil on a daily basis, especially on the hair. But you have written about many benefits that I didn’t know before. Thanks for that 🙂

  3. I have a popcorn maker that you use on the stove, and I like to make the popcorn with coconut oil. It tastes amazing!!! The closest to movie theatre popcorn you can get at home. 🙂 Just in case you needed another reason to love the stuff.

  4. Wow I knew about the benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil for teeth however I didn’t realize all the other benefits like cancer prevention and weight loss. I need to use coconut oil in my everyday life stat!! Thanks for this great information.

  5. I use coconut oil twice a day on my face, actually it’s the only thing I use to cleanse my face. 🙂 I tried using it with baking soda to brush my teeth as well but was concerned about the baking soda wearing away my tooth enamel. Should I be concerned by this? Great info by the way! Thanx.

  6. Hmm very interesting about the teeth and face! I would think adding more oil to my skin would make it break out more – I might give it a try! And all the health benefits – very informative article 🙂

  7. Coconut oil is so wonderful. I already use it in my cooking and I also want to do oil pulling which is great to keep your teeth white and your gums healthy. And of course it’s amazing in skin care products. I just bought a coconut oil based shampoo that I’m excited to try for my dry and itchy scalp.

  8. Thanks for sharing this great information! I wasn’t aware of the connection between coconut oil and oral health. Coconut oil sure does have many benefits 🙂

  9. I love coconut oil! I use it whenever I cook. I will say, I didn’t know that any oil could be used for weight loss but hey, now I may start using coconut oil it in my coffee too. (I mean, its worth a shot.) 🙂

  10. Cool! It is also really good for pregnancy and nursing! I used it in my cooking regularly to help bolster my milk quality and supply with my younger son who struggled with weight gain. You wouldn’t know it now!

  11. There is an article online discussing the plummeting sales of coconut oil because of the saturated fat…but it’s a very one-sided story designed to scare people…once you understand those aspects of it, your list shows how many health benefits outweigh those concerns!

  12. I have been using coconut oil for long time to cleanse my face because it removes make up with no doubt. Thanks for letting me know more other uses too..

  13. I didn’t know about the other benefits of coconut oil. I had only used it for my hair since childhood. Still use this oil only for my hairs. 🙂

  14. I love that coconut oil has so many healthy properties. I just worry about the environmental factor of producing coconuts and also that coconut oil solidifies when it gets cold – people say that bacon grease is unhealthy for exactly the same reason. It’s all very puzzling for me but very interesting to see the other points that you made 🙂

  15. I’m a huge fan of coconut oil and it’s great to hear how many benefits there are from using it! Definitely going to need to try the coconut oil/baking soda toothpaste!

  16. I had no idea of all the benefits of coconut oil? I’ll have to try it in my coffee I just hope it doesn’t alter the roast too much? This was very informative, thanks for sharing your insights on this fabulous oil!

  17. I use coconut oil for many things. I put it in my homemade toothpaste, pain rub, lotion bars, face mask, bath bombs, to name a few. I also use it in place of butter when baking. I love the benefits of coconut oil. Thanks for sharing!

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  19. Wow, after reading this post of yours, I should really use my coconut oil that has long been kept in the kitchen. I love that you’ve shared all the benefits of it, since I just disregard using it for almost a year. Will surely apply it on my lips, since I have a dry lips. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  20. I used coconut oil in cooking, foods is so delicious. On my skin and hair, and last night i read about using it to your eyelashes to make it thicker n fuller. So, i tried it tbis morning, see what hap po ens in a week or so. Over all, dont dobt your self on using this amazing coconut oil. I used the Organic one. Thanks 😊

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