About Us

Hi hi,

I’m sure you are excited to meet me. Well, it’s networking time. Let’s get to know ourselves!

I’m Enele Ogah, a psychologist, consumer advocate, writer, content creator, blogger, lover of children and drama, actress, upcoming on-air personality and website designer and yes… I designed this site myself…hehehe!

Well, Roses of Life was birthed in February, 2017 due to the fact that I was looking for an avenue to pour out my thoughts to the world and looking for how to kill boredom but in the process got to make lives better, educate and at the same time not bore you to tears but entertain you and also to turn this writing skill to something productive while waiting for service year!.

Enele brings to you “Roses of Life; Everyday As It Comes“, and I focus on Lifestyle, Food, Health and Books.

I hope you do get to enjoy the blog as you read it!.


My hobbies are writing and singing. I’m simply just an older version of that naive and quiet little girl back in primary school who just sat quietly most times. I’m also an older version of that girl that wanted to become America’s President and Nigeria’s first lady.

I am Enele Ogah.

I hope you do get to enjoy the blog as you read it!.

God bless and keep glowing!!!


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Facebook: Enele Ogah

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Email: onotseogah@gmail.com

Instagram: @rosesoflife17  @eneleogah 

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