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Heart Burn – What It Is and How to Prevent It

What is heart burn?

The name pretty much speaks for itself I’ll like to let you know that heartburn also known as acid reflux is a burning

sensation that goes from your stomach all the way up to the central part of your chest. This is a result of higher levels of stomach acid backing up into the

food pipe.

What causes it?

Usually, heartburn is caused by some bad habits in our lifestyles, such as smoking, not getting enough sleep or stressing too much. Irregular eating or certain foods also trigger this unpleasant sensation. It occurs sometimes after, for example, drinking alcohol or eating too much fried food but if it happens more often, then we might be speaking of gastritis, like in my case. Since heartburn is so common and gastritis tends to aggravate in spring/autumn I decided to help you learn how to prevent this feeling!

It’s important to avoid the following foods and beverages

Anything that is deeply fried or has lots of spices (especially hot ones) provokes stomach ache. Foods that are very acidic or hard to break down will cause this too. Soft drinks and too much caffeine and alcohol are a no-no!

Foods that prevent heartburn and are good for the stomach are:

  1. Vegetables

Most of the vegetables we use are okay, but try to consume them cooked. Veggies good for the stomach are carrots, beets, zucchini and pumpkin. Cabbage and beans/legumes are not recommended, because they are harder to digest.

  1. Fruit and others

Majority of fruits contain too much acid. If you are experiencing severe heartburns, I suggest you opt for bananas. Bananas are one of the best foods to relieve this feeling and are so easy to incorporate into your diet! If you want any other fruit, make sure to steam them before eating. Honey and ginger, like bananas, will do wonders to your stomach. Add them to a camomile tea and you’ll instantly feel better!

3. Carbs and Fats

It is important not to put too much pressure on your stomach, so avoid fats and carbs that take longer to break down. Potatoes, rice and oats are the best option when it comes to carbs. From the fats I recommend using more olive and coconut instead of other oils.

  1. Animal Products

Most of these are harder to digest. When I experience heartburn I opt for lean meat, like chicken breasts or sometimes ground meat. It is good to limit the consumption of dairy foods and if you can switch them for non-dairy. Eggs are best eaten soft boiled. These foods are not only good for the stomach, but for the body in general.


So, regardless if you experience heartburn, have gastritis or just want to feel better a balanced diet is what you are looking for!


This is a guest post written by Evelina Parvanova.

Evelina is a lifestyle, food and travel blogger. On her site and social media pages, you’ll find articles on different topics that have to do with recipes and travel guides and she seems to excite the readers with her posts.

You can find her blog at Evslifestyle , instagram at @evslifestyle and pinterest: Evslifestyle


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12 thoughts on “Heart Burn – What It Is and How to Prevent It

  1. I guess this explains what I was feeling last night. Probably because of the super spicy food I had for early dinner. I wished I had read this. I can’t sleep worrying what was wrong with me.

  2. A balanced diet low in fat and processed food really does help. My husband suffered from heartburn. Once we went plant-based/no processed food it pretty much went away. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  3. Hmm I have a sister that suffers from heartburn but I never have. I always wondered what causes it. Now I know. Many of the foods you listed she has in her diet. I’ll have to share this post. Thanks.

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