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How to Eat Out On The Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is quickly growing in popularity. If you haven’t heard, many people have switched to the ketogenic lifestyle for benefits ranging from weight loss to improved moods to improved athletic performance. However, as this diet is incredibly low carb, it can be challenging to figure out how to eat in restaurants while maintaining a state of ketosis.

There are a few basic guidelines you should follow when you eat out and some of them are:

● Plan ahead! Figure out what restaurant you’re going to and peep the menu online so you know what your options are.

● Skip all carb-rich foods such as bread, potatoes, noodles and rice.

● Be wary/catious of sauces including marinades (seasoned and acidic mixture used for cooking), salad dressings and curries (curry powder/spiced sauce).

● If you think there might be sugar in a sauce – ask! You are better safe than sorry

● Don’t drink alcohol but if you must, limit your consumption to one or two drinks

● If you have a weakness for communal carbs that are sometimes provided for free such as bread rolls or chips and salsa, ask the server to remove them from the table.

That removal will do you a whole lot of good.


Eating Keto at a Steakhouse

American steakhouses are one of the easiest places to eat in on the ketogenic diet. While America is known for large baked potatoes overflowing with bacon and steaks the size of your face, it is easy to create a keto-friendly meal.

What to Order

Opt for a beef steak or other fatty cut of meat. Most will be served with sides, sometimes including macaroni and cheese, a loaded baked potato, or bread rolls. Skip the carbs and have steamed, grilled or sauteed veggies. A side salad without croutons is also a great choice. Be sure to order a cream-based dressing such as ranch or blue cheese, as most vinaigrette have sugar.


Eating Keto at an Chinese Restaurant

Asian restaurants can be particularly tricky – but “Asian” can mean one out of so many cuisines. Most westernized Chinese restaurants will offer few ketogenic-friendly options, even if you order without rice. Many dishes involve dumplings, breaded and fried meats or sauces full of hidden sugars.

What to Order:

Opt for a grilled meat such as fish or beef, without sauce. Chinese food often involves rich broths which can be ketogenic friendly.


Eating Keto at a Korean or Mongolian Restaurant

Korean and Mongolian barbeque restaurants can easily be very ketogenic friendly. While both are known to serve white rice and noodles, these can easily be avoided. Most sauces including Mongolian barbeque sauce and bulgogi will have hidden sugars, so enjoy them in extreme moderation.

What to Order:

Stick to fattier meats such as pork and beef or seafood like shrimp and octopus. If you don’t feel like you are getting enough fat in, ask for a side of sesame oil but be sure that they do not add sugar to it as this is common.


Eating Keto at a Fast Food Restaurant

In America, fast food is almost synonymous to french fries – which is a big no-no when you’re on the ketogenic diet. However, there are plenty of simple swaps and requests you can make so that it fits your low carb, high fat lifestyle.

What to Order:

At burger fast food joints, cheeseburgers sans-bun are a great, keto-friendly option. Most restaurants will give you the option to either wrap the patties in a large piece of lettuce, or put it on a bed of lettuce. If you go to a “Mexican” fast food restaurant, beef soft tacos are a good choice. Just simply discard the taco shell. They usually have a bit of meat, tons of cheese and a bit of shredded lettuce and tomatoes. Ask for sour cream on the side for an extra fat bomb!


Eating Keto at a Pizza Restaurant


Pizza is another very carbohydrate-heavy food that may seem impossible to eat out. It’s true, you can make a healthier, cheaper, more keto-friendly version of pizza using “Fathead” dough, but you don’t have to be afraid to grab a slice with your besties as there are still keto options.

What to Order:

Order almost any regular pie along with extra cheese. Then simply scrape the toppings off with a fork or spoon! My favorite pie to order is red sauce, 4x regular cheese, ricotta, and sausage. It is almost like a molten pizza soup inside of the crust, and the macro balance is almost perfectly aligned to the ketogenic diet.

Many people find that keto truly is a sustainable lifestyle, which is why it’s so important to learn how to eat out at restaurants while still meeting your nutritional goals. If you feel like you have to decline every social event that revolves around food, your diet is sure to fail! The good thing is that, if you know how to find delicious, low-carb food anywhere you go, you’re less likely to feel deprived and more likely to enjoy social outings without pressure.





This is a guest post written by Annie Singer.

Annie Singer jumped on the keto bandwagon more than a year ago and rarely looks back. She is the co-founder of the Fasters blog, which provides free resources about the ketogenic diet and healthy fasting practices.

You can find her at the Fasters Blog and you could pay her instagram a visit at Annie Singer

She has lots of interesting stuffs going on there!


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35 thoughts on “How to Eat Out On The Ketogenic Diet

  1. Having bread removed — or not even served — while out to eat is a helpful idea if you are trying to avoid carbs. While I enjoy a good steak, I am curious that this diet does not seem to mentioned fruits and vegetables. Are they included in the keto diet?

    1. Thanks for the comment 🙂 Fruits are typically considered too high in carbs to eat on the keto diet. Vegetables are usually safe, in moderation, with the exception of most root vegetables and other high-carb vegs.

  2. This sounds like the Atkins Diet… Is it any different? Anyway, I love your tips. What do you order at a sushi restaurant? I would love to know. Thanks for sharing.

  3. honestly, I haven’t heard about this ketogenic diet , and I find it very interesting to try. I love that you have specifically shared the do’s and don’ts when planning to have eat out while maintaining your ketogenic diet. All what you have shared is actually very helpful. I should really start to practice this for a healthy life balance. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  4. I’ve just recently heard of the Keto diet. I think here in the USA there is a growing number of people suffering from type 2 Diabetes so a keto diet is definitely a great option to try and improve one’s lifestyle and health. Thanks for sharing this post!

  5. I don’t think I’ve heard of this kind of diet, but it sounds great. It would be SO hard for me to give up bread, though. Ha! 🙂

  6. I heard about ketogenic diet before but didn’t know exactly what it’s all about. Than you for enlightening me. Removing carb in your diet is very hard I guess esp. it’s all I have eaten all my life. But it’s also possible if you truly want to change your diet.

  7. Oh gosh the Keto diet is basically re-branded Atkins diet. I think eating in moderation is key. I don’t subscribe to any fad diets so eating out is not a problem for me. But this is good advice for those who need to stick to a keto diet.

  8. Thank you for this! I just started a keto way of life 2 months ago and it has been very hard. I’m a little more on the extreme side as I also have to avoid dairy, soy, and grains completely. This is helpful!

  9. I have been thinking about going on a keto diet soon so this is a huge help! My only concern is its hard as a vegetarian. I’m open to eating fish again but can’t bring myself to eat meat or poultry, which I know are keto mainstays.

  10. You are so right about finding it to kaintain your Keto diet when in a Chinese restaurant. The food there revolves around carbs, as well as other Asian cuisine. But there are also some Keto diet-friendly recipes such as stir fried kale or leaf-wrapped dumplings (I forgot what it’s called LOL). But the technique is to ask your waitress hehe..

  11. I’ve heard this Keto diet, and it’s been a fad. Some says it’s effective, other’s didn’t last. But love the idea of it 🙂

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