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Question For The Month

Hello ladies and gentlemen!!!

I hope your week has been as wonderful as mine has been!!!

I recently decided to be doing monthly questions to engage you, the readers and I hope you get to love this trend as much as I do!.

So, today, we’ll be talking about food.


What types of food do you like and what’s your favourite(how do you cook your favourite)?

Mention the type, name of the food/food combination/delicacy and for the favourite one, state the ingredients you’ll need to cook it and how to cook it.



By the way, how was valentines day?

What did you spend it doing?


Comment all these below!


I can’t wait to read your comments!

Meanwhile, there’s a facebook group I created last month. It’s called “The Bloggers Crib”. Feel free to search for it and join our community on facebook or follow this direct link The Blogger Crib to join. It’s for writers, bloggers, entreprenuers and youtubers/vloggers!

If you are interested in joining the group, you could just comment below with your facebook name below and I’ll add you to the group!.

Before then, comment on what types of food you like and which one is your favourite and also tell us the ingredients and steps in cooking your favourite meal.

If you have food/diet/work-out goals for the year or you are doing a work-out challenge, comment on what your goals are and what types of food you tend to eat this year.


Meanwhile, the blog’s 1st year anniversary is in 4 days!!!

Let’s celebrate people….expect a post from me that day!!!


It’s a sign out here!

Enele a.k.a. Aunty J. loves you!



It means a lot to me!!!



Please, feel free to share with your friends, so that they all get to join this beautiful community!

45 thoughts on “Question For The Month

  1. Oooh boy! I do love food but I don’t cook, anything covered in cheese has my heart.
    Some of my favorites.
    1) Wraps – I like a good wrap with cheese, chicken, a dressing of choice, lettuce and tomato.
    2) Fajitas are great too. Chicken and cheese, duh and you can’t forget the chips, salsa and QUESO!
    3) PIZZA!! I can do white or red sauce, I like pepperoni, mushrooms and or broccoli, sometime a good bbq chicken pizza is good too.

    My Valentines Day was like any other day worked then hung out at home with my husband eating chocolate covered strawberries with out cats. You?

  2. Ohh I don’t really have a best Food as am nor a really a foodie , I eat according to my mood 🤣🤣. Between , congratulations on the blog anniversary and I can’t wait to celebrate with you as on that day my blog will be three months old as well 👍👍👍❤️

  3. Love food 🙂 mostly I like Korean food like soondubu which is soft tofu! I miss it when I’m not living in California because most American supermarkets only have firm tofu!

  4. Interesting concept! For me, I am not fussy about food and I love all foods that speaks of the culture and way of life from where it originates 🙂
    Gonna go search for something to eat now as your photos are making me hungry ;P

  5. I think I am one of those lucky people who enjoys all types of food, but I guess I am more comfortable experimenting with random vegetables and chicken at home, which always turns out good because of my Indian spices 😀
    Valentine’s Day was no different because my boyfriend is 8000 kms away 😛

  6. I love food but I am not the best at cooking! I guess my go to meal would be stir-fry because its super easy! I usually put in chicken, bell peppers (all colors), maybe some broccoli and of course brown rice! My Valentine’s day was spend at work and then hanging at home with my dog. Hope yours was good!

  7. I can’t eat gluten and need to limit dairy for health reasons, so I have to get creative. I love food and I love to cook, so it’s hard to pick a favorite food. I have a terrible sweet tooth; anything chocolate tops the list. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be peanut butter truffles with m and m’s and dipped in chocolate.

  8. I hate cooking, but my go to favorite food is pasta with pretty much any kind of sauce!
    On Valentine’s Day, I just watched a movie at home with my husband because it was a school night for my kiddo.

  9. I have my moments where I’m obsessed with food and then I have my movements when I just like ehhh…but some foods I typically go for are macaroni and cheese, potatoes salad, collars greens….hmm I guess soul food lol but I also love anything bite sized that I can pop in my mouth( yes my inner child sometimes gets its way).

    For Valentine’s Day I went to the piers and dinner with my current boo 🙂

  10. Hi! Mac & Cheese.. of the Kraft powdered cheese variety preferably and a crab boil! Boil them up and season with Old Bay Seasoning! #nom! Also, I will asking to join the Facebook group! Livebythesunshine/Lauren Brockman is who the request will come from!

  11. Happy Blogiversary…is that a word?? So food!
    What a tough decision because I am from New Orleans…probably the greatest food city in the US. I love all seafood especially boiled crawfish.
    As for ethnic food ideas, I love thai, sushi, mexican…heck anything! I especially love spicy food!
    But most of all I think my #1 kryptonite is anything chocolate.

  12. I’m such a sporadic eater. I eat when I’m hungry, when I’m not hungry, skip meals, eat too much at one time and not enough at another, eat healthy here, eat bad there. It’s all somewhat of a balance, but I need to be more mindful!

  13. First let me say congratulations on your one year blogaversary soon! Hmm let’s see in terms of food I like Italian, Jamaican, American and Mexican food. I’m open to all really. Not soo much a fan of seafood though. I can be picky. I used to eat basic fast food over 7 years ago however limited to only fries and a cheeseburger. Nowadays I cook at home and if I do eat out, it’s not fast food. One of my favorite meals to make is flatbread. The receipe and instructions is here since you asked! 🙂 Simple, easy to make and short on time. Delicious. Look forward to more question of the month.

  14. 100% I LOVE VEGAN PIZZA. Thick crust, spicy sauce, banana peppers, green peppers, mushrooms, oregano, zucchini, and black olives. Literally the best thing to ever hit my tongue. I spent my valentines with my girlfriend watching movies and devouring as much almond milk ice cream that we possibly could. It was a blast:)

  15. I wish I could write a lengthy post and recipe about my favorite food but honestly, I don’t cook often and when I do its simple things like rice and beans and veggies. So can my answer be take-out?

    Congrats on the Blogversary as well!

  16. I absolutely enjoy Japanese cuisine, especially sukiyaki and shabu shabu. Sitting around the hotpot and cooking your own ingredients with your family and friends is absolutely heavenly. The broth they have accentuates the flavour of the dish 🙂 I’ve also tried my hand at making sushi which was scrumptious as well!

  17. I love food and I love to cook. So some my favorite dishes to cook are; vegetarain lasagna, tofu and veggie pad thai and paneer tikka masala making the cheese ourselves! Congrats on your blog anniversary 😀

  18. Congrats on the anniversary. I like all food so I have no idea what to say as a favourite. If I had to select one thing for a final meal, it would probably be proper, slow cooked BBQ ribs or smoked pulled pork. mmm, now I’m hungry!

  19. I so love food 🥘 anything is always welcome . Usually I don’t cook. Order from outside or explain to my cook Shad to do. But I eat anything nd everything.
    Valentine’s Day is just another day, coz my hubby doesn’t believe in it. He Nd me celebrate each day 🙂

  20. I love making pasta with mince-meat red sauce. It is kinda bolognese but the Greek version and it is much tastier I must admit. I always appreciate a nice burger with fries as well, my favorite being from FIVE GUYS. For V’s Day, I got a surprise mummy to be massage treatment as a gift from my husband and spent the day with him at the spa 🙂

  21. Happy Blogiversary! Food is a big thing for me as I am a mommy with 3 kids who like to eat different things and a husband who likes to eat:) I can’t even remeber what it was that I liked before all that. We try to keep it healthy at our house so there is a lot of veggies and fruits, not industrial food, and the one dish that everyone agrees on in our family is my vegetable soup. I am a huge soup person love almost all of them – and thankfully there is one all the rest love too:) other then that I much prefer baking to cooking to be honest – baking calms me down, cooking stresses me out.

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