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Why I’ve Been Away

What would you think if had they told you that Roses of Life went to moon?

“Weird” you’ll assume.

Well, that’s exactly what happened.


Hi everyone!!!

It’s been a minute and I missed writing to you all about my rambles, stories, tips, tricks and guest posts!

I’ve been away from the blog for more than 3 months. I guess I gave myself something that seemed like a maternity leave (even though I wasn’t preggy…lol).

By now you must be wondering “can you just tell us why you were away already?”.

Well, this is it:

pics 7

For the past three months, I’ve been procrastinating on getting to post on the blog. At some point, I had writer’s block. After some time, I was just tired of the whole thing (blogging + business) and needed to rest. At some point I got super busy. Friends didn’t just understand why I was off the blog for so long. They kept wondering if I was still in the blogoshpere!…lol!!


Well, all that is in the past now.

What I learnt from all this is that despite how busy I might have been, there was no reason to have given up on blogging and I certainly didn’t because I’m right here in front of you writing this.

pics 3

Guess what???

I’m back and I’m back to stay and stick with blogging.

The truth be told, I never for once wanted to quit blogging in the last 3 months (that I was away). I was just on a little blog detox. So, I’m glad to be back.

In this life, never ever quit because winners never quit and quitters never win.

Even if you go away for a while, come back…just like I’ve done.

Go back to that book that you haven’t finished writing yet, go back to that proposal that you have refused to write for the past two years. Go back to that instrument you wanted to learn, make sure you learn it and become a professional in it. Just “don’t give up”.

pics 6

If you can’t fly, walk, if you can’t walk, crawl but by all means, don’t be stagnant. Move forward.

You get better when you are at it, not when you are away from it.

I hope my little story has been able to motivate someone today to do better at your craft and never give up. I hope to hear good news from you soon!.

By the way, HAPPY NEW MONTH!

May this month of September bring us unending joy and may all your needs be met in Jesus name. Amen!!!

So, before I sign out, what happened in the “blogosphere” while I was away?

pics 4

Please, tell me in the comment section below.

That’s my expectant face!

P.S: I did this photo shoot at the office impromptu…hence, no particular photo shoot background. I hope you like my makeup and my shirt!. The shots were taken last year and they still look so peng!!

Your comments are like strawberry and sugar to my soul. Let me know what happened while I was away and what you learnt from this post in the comment section below!

I hope you had a great read as always!.

Remain ever glowing!

Cheers till my next post!!

pics 2


Love from Enele!!!


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7 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been Away

  1. Eerrr… Hope you’re back to stay… The blogosphere became tougher… A lot has evolved… New bloggers are in the game now… So… BTW, hope there’s new gist sha..

  2. Happy New Month here! You’re welcome back; I would just say everything was quite good and okay when you are away… It’s being a long time.
    I also experienced writers block but have to get over it, and now all glory to God!

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